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Do you believe that expense tracking shouldn't be expensive? We do!
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  • Company expenses tracking
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Get the full scope of expense tracking work off your shoulders

The complete flow of expense tracking and reimbursements gets tiresome, especially if you’re doing it in an old-school manner. Let the Expense Sensei app do most of the work for you!

For Managers Managers

Collect expense reports
With the Expense Sensei tracking app you can establish a flow where all the expense reports come to you through one channel. This way, you’re able to sort and manage them from your smartphone easily.
Approve expenses in real-time
Even on your way home, or late at night, you still can approve expenses and provide reimbursements on-time (e.g., if your employees are in a different time zone you can get them what they need any time).
Export or print all the necessary data
If you’re not ready yet for completely paperless bookkeeping, that’s fine. With Expense Sensei you can get the necessary data and print it — or work with it using sheets.
Track specific expense categories
With the Expense Sensei tracking app you stay in charge of every expense category at all times. You know, the exact amount the team is spending on a specific cause.
Use bulk actions to approve submissions
Speed up the approval procedure by using bulk actions while you work with groups of similar reports.
Provide reimbursements in advance
Sometimes, you might need to provide money for employees in advance to cover future expenses. That’s why the Expense Sensei tracking app is here to suit your needs.

For employees Employees

Submit expenses without fuss
Expense Sensei is a lightweight expense tracking app. It takes you through the process of submitting expenses in a matter of several minutes! Do it while you’re on your way. All you need is a steady internet connection on your smartphone.
Get reimbursements faster
Sometimes, you need to get a reimbursement pretty fast, so you can continue your work. That’s what Expense Sensei is made for.
No need to keep paper receipts
When there are too many work expenses, you may want receipts available from your phone — organized and submitted. The Expense Sensei app will assist you with this.
Take a step to paperless business expense tracking & reimbursement flow with Expense Sensei

Made with the thought of your comfort

Start using Expense Sensei right away! This app has an intuitive interface and keeps all the necessary options available at all times.

Manual mode
Expenses categorization
Reimbursement statuses
Currency choice
File attachment

Submit expense reports using free app on the go!

Download and use an app for submitting expenses right from your smartphone!

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