About Expense Sensei

Made for easy expense tracking and management, Expense Sensei works like a charm for both managers and employees.

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Our mission

Tracking expenses shouldn’t be expensive or complicated. That’s why Expense Sensei was created in the first place — to make tracking expenses and reimbursements equally easy for both managers and employees.

How we created Expense Sensei

Having not found an app to combine the features our team needed, we’ve decided to forge a solution that would fit our needs.

After a while we’ve also discovered that our team wasn’t alone in the struggle to find the perfect application that would help employees submit expenses via Android or IOS devices.

Our ultimate goal is to make the entire process of expenses tracking and reimbursements as easy and flawless as it should be — for everyone.

Meet the brainpower behind Expense Sensei

Learn more about the minds behind the Expense Sensei app.

Konstantin Mirin
Vladimir Lafazan
Project Manager
Victoria Shirokova
Vladislav Yermakov
iOS Engineer
Serhii Diachok
Senior Engineer
Michael Kostyria
Android Engineer
Igor Kupchenko
Full Stack Engineer
Simon Khramtsov

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