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  • Payments in advance
  • Smart notifications
  • Mileage tracking * coming soon
  • OCR * coming soon
  • Caring support

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Have a specific question? Check our FAQ

Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the Expense Sensei tracker.

Why is the Expense Sensei free?
Our team is fully aware of the vast market of expense tracking apps. Thus, we’re looking forward to becoming the best match among free expense tracker applications. However, we understand there’s a long road to understanding what features are most needed in an expense tracker. That’s why we’re eager to provide a free Expense Sensei version for everyone to try out in exchange for unbiased feedback.
When are the features marked as “coming soon” going to be released?
The soon-to-come features are already on our roadmap. When the Beta version is replaced with a stable v.1.0, Expense Sensei will receive more features. These features are to roll out slowly as the versions are updated. If you’re looking for an application that will become the best free expense tracker app one day, you’re in the right place.
Is there an application for IOS or Android along with a web version?
Right at the moment our team works hard to provide the Expense Sensei app with IOS and Android versions, This way, those who don’t want to use a desktop version can still simplify the process of expense tracking.
What is the maximum number of users that can utilize an app?
The maximum number of users is 500.
Can this app be connected to a corporate card?
This option will become available in one of the later application versions. It’s already on our roadmap because we understand this feature is a must in any of the best free expense tracker applications.
Is there a way to submit expenses manually?
Yes, there is. You can easily submit expenses manually. The OCR option will become available in the later versions.

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